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Grass Turf Roll 1M²

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Product Information & Usage

Lawn turf is a pre-grown rectangular layer of seeded natural grass that is cut from the ground with a layer of topsoil. It is used to fix patchy areas in the existing sod or to create a fresh lawn completely from scratch. With purpose-grown planted turf, you will enjoy a fine lawn with instant perfection and maturity without the hassles, waste, or delays that come with seeding.


  • During a hard rain, it will not wipe off the slopes.
  • Using lawn turn helps to prevent erosion.
  • The turf can be laid in at any time between mid-autumn - later winter. When laying the turn during the winter the soil has to be not too frosty or wet for the optimal result.
  • Turfgrass filters dust and replenishes air.
  • Lawn turfs are a self-cleaning surface because of their growth and respiration processes.
  • Lawns absorb runoff, limiting the amount of water lost to run-off.
  • A well-kept lawn and landscaped garden enhance a home's curb appeal, desirability, and value.
  • A summer picnic table, a comfortable low-impact playing surface, and a year-round contributor to a balanced lifestyle.
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