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Simpson 100mm Long Leg Jiffy Joist Hanger JHA450/100

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Product Information & Usage

The Simpson long leg jiffy hanger is a height adjustable joist hanger, manufactured from strong, pre-galvanised mild steel. As its name suggests, it is designed to hold timber joists in place and to provide efficient support for the timber joist and timber posts. This hanger is rot and corrosion resistant, owing to its galvanisation.


  • Made up of pre-galvanised mild steel
  • Improved strength and stability
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Provides great support
  • The wider strap offers more surface area on the supporting timber
  • Easy & fast installation, no special tools required
  • Reliable & long-lasting
  • The model number and size are stamped on the hanger for easy identification
  • Provided with a location tab that allows easier alignment of the hanger
  • Suitable for solid timber joists
Brand Simpson
Material Pre-galvanised steel
Width 100mm
Height 450mm
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