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215mm Aerated Block B3 440 x 215mm



  • Thermal insulation, moisture resistance, and overall strength
  • 3.6N Strength 
  • High weather and fire resistance
  • Qualified according to EN-ISO 9001 
  • Accepted by NHBC
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Product Information

Our Aerated Blocks B3 are made from a combination of sand, lime, water, gypsum and cement. The aluminium sulphate powder is added and in combination with lime reacts and forms air bubbles in the concrete. The air bubbles form a kind of air pockets that provide thermal insulation, moisture resistance and strength. The Aerated Concrete Block has been tested in colder climates and proved to have a high resistance to frost. It also proved to have great durability in other climates as well. 

Use & Application

Since blocks offer the potential for high thermal performance and comprehensive strength, they are used almost in all buildings in one way or another. They are used in both load-bearing and non-loadbearing designs and are utilised to construct:

  • inners level of cavity walls
  • dwelling partitioning walls
  • internal, external & fire walls


  • It has a high thermal insulation performance
  • It is made of a natural inorganic material that does not burn
  • Water resistant
  • Great acoustic insulation
  • Faster build time 
Length 440mm
Thickness 215mm
Height 215mm
Compressive Strength 3.6N
Block Type Aerated
Colour Grey
Pallet quantity 32
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