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180mm Galvanised Slab Nails (1kg) B180SLAB1CH



Galvanised Slab Nails are the preferred choice for firmly securing insulation, thanks to their slender shank and sharp-pointed tip that effortlessly pierces timber and other materials, ensuring a steadfast attachment. 

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Product Information & Usage

Galvanised Slab Nails are the go-to solution for securely fastening insulation in place. Featuring a slender shank with a precision-pointed tip, these nails effortlessly penetrate the timber and other materials, ensuring a secure attachment. The prominent washer head is designed to firmly hold insulation in position, making these galvanised nails an essential choice for insulation projects, offering reliability and ease of use.


  • The large washer head holds the insulation in place.
  • Used to fasten insulation to wood
  • These nails can be used on a variety of surfaces
  • Strong attachment-  ensures a robust grip on insulation, preventing it from shifting or falling out of position
  • Their design simplifies the installation process, making them user-friendly for both professionals and DIY enthusiasts
Manufacturer Part NumberB180SLAB1CH
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