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Wykamol Helical Crack Stitching Bar 6mm x 1m THBM6X1000F

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Product information & Usage

Helical Crack Stitching is a stainless-steel reinforcement rod that is usually used for reinforcing bed joints to enhance lateral loading resistance in new and existing buildings. The Helical bar is a good anti-crack strengthening solution around the opening of the windows and doors. The Helical stitch bar ensures that further cracks are minimised, and local tension is absorbed.



  • Serves as high strength for the brickwork or cracked masonry.
  • Can be manually bent to meet corners or curves.
  • Can be shortened to length, if necessary, with bolt cutters.
  • Suitable for use in numerous applications including crack stitching.
  • Easy and quick installation in bed joints.
Thickness 6mm
Length  1m
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