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Wienerberger Estuary Yellow Wirecut Facing Brick Pack of 400

£417.60 £348.00

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Product Information

The Estuary Yellow brick, manufactured by Wienerberger is a wirecut facing brick, yellow in colour with a light texture. As a facing brick, it is mostly appreciated for its attractive qualities that will provide you with an impressive façade.

Use & Application

This type of bricks is primarily used for the external walls of a building and so are generally chosen for their appealing features, but they are weather-resistant as well.

Mostly, they are used for:

  • Cavity walls
  • Garden walls
  • Decorative interior walls
  • Designing of eye-catching exterior walls
  • Fireplace


  • Increases the value of your house – The first aspect that potential buyers will notice when assessing your house is your house's appearance
  • Fire-resistant – it is built strong, and this contributes to its fire-resistance properties. In case of fire, it can stand for a long time and prevent the fire from spreading to other parts of your house
  • Less maintenance – it is maintenance-free, you will spend little time and resources to keep it looking great
Manufacturer Wienerberger           
Length 215mm
Width 102mm
Height 65mm
Brick Type Facing
Water Absorption ≤20
Colour Yellow
Texture Light
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