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White Multi Purpose Vented Soffit Board 9mm x 150mm x 5m

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  • KFV150WH


Product information & Usage

White vented soffit board is a type of multi-purpose board that is used in roof construction and installed horizontally running at 90° from beneath the fascia towards the wall of the structure. It is a cost-effective alternative to a standard soffit board with added ventilation feature. The vented soffit has little holes in it that allow the air to flow into and out of the attic. Soffit serves both functional and aesthetic purposes. The vented soffit primary role is to keep the rafters safe from elements and prevents heated moisture in the air from condensing and forming mould in the attic. It gives the roof a pleasant and modern appearance.


•Available in a variety of sizes and styles.

•Simple to install and maintain.

•The soffit protects the wood from decay and mould.

•Prevents unwanted animals, birds, or insects from gaining entrance to the attic.

•Allows the air circulation to flow into and out of the attic.

•Does not require painting.

•The soffit is preferred because of its attractive appearance.

Material uPVC
Colour White
Height 150mm
Thickness 9mm
Length 5m


More Information
Length 5m
Width 150mm
Thickness 9mm
Colour White

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