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Tracer Deep Hole Pencil Marker

£10.79 £8.99


  • All purpose pencil marker
  • Features shirt/ trouser clip
  • Long sturdy metal sharf
  • Extendable lead


Product Information & Usage

The Tracer Deep Hole Pencil Marker offers a versatile solution for precise marking. Equipped with a convenient shirt/trouser clip, this marker allows for easy accessibility. It effortlessly marks a depth of 100mm in a 3mm hole and 145mm in a 6mm hole. The durable metal shaft, inbuilt sharpener, and extendable lead make it an ideal tool for a wide range of projects. 


  • All purpose 
  • Features shirt/ trouser clip
  • Mark 100mm depth in a 3mm hole
  • Mark 145mm depth in a 6mm hole
  • Long sturdy metal sharf
  • Inbuilt sharpener 
  • Extendable lead

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