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Paint Mixing

Established in 1922, Leyland Trade is a recognized paint trade brand offering a range of affordable and reliable paints tailored to meet the essential needs of tradesmen.

Leyland Trade Paint, a trusted and leading brand among commercial and trade users, provides robust, moisture-resistant coatings suitable for specific rooms and high-traffic areas. These solutions are designed to assist trade professionals in achieving high-quality results efficiently. The Leyland Paint London line encompasses a wide variety of finishes, colours, and sizes.

MGN Builders Merchants offers affordable painting supplies, including a comprehensive selection of paints and painting supplies to customers throughout London. Whether you want to refresh your kitchen walls, touch up exterior brickwork and tiles, or give old furniture a new lease of life, we have everything necessary for a hassle-free project and a top-notch finish.

Our Leyland Paint colour range includes popular finish options like vinyl matt paint and Hardwearing Acrylic Eggshell, as well as more specialized paints like the Truguard smooth masonry paints. As an authorized Leyland paint stockist, we can custom-mix over 200 Leyland paint colours in many sought-after finishes using our on-site paint mixing machine.

Mixed with a wide range of colours, simply choose a colour you would like and then the finish.
If you're having trouble finding what you need, our friendly team, specializing in trade paint, is ready to assist you, whether through phone consultations or by visiting our conveniently located stores across London. Get in touch with us today for personalized support.

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  1. Clear Yellow
    Clear Yellow
    From £3.60
  2. Pacific Pearl
    Pacific Pearl
    From £3.60
  3. Commercial White
    Commercial White
    From £3.60
  4. Swansong
    From £3.60
  5. Accolade
    From £3.60
  6. Snow Goose
    Snow Goose
    From £3.60
  7. Stone Flower
    Stone Flower
    From £3.60
  8. Radisson
    From £3.60
  9. Vanilla Swirl
    Vanilla Swirl
    From £3.60
  10. Mountain Gray
    Mountain Gray
    From £3.60
  11. Elemental
    From £3.60
  12. Dawn Swim
    Dawn Swim
    From £3.60
  13. Combed Cotton
    Combed Cotton
    From £3.60
  14. Singing Sand
    Singing Sand
    From £3.60
  15. New Steel
    New Steel
    From £3.60
  16. Tornado
    From £3.60
  17. Spun Yarn
    Spun Yarn
    From £3.60
  18. Scramble Crossing
    Scramble Crossing
    From £3.60
  19. UFO
    From £3.60
  20. Steel Mill
    Steel Mill
    From £3.60
  21. Morocco Sand
    Morocco Sand
    From £3.60
  22. Ocean Gull
    Ocean Gull
    From £3.60
  23. Steeple Gray
    Steeple Gray
    From £3.60
  24. Dover Gray
    Dover Gray
    From £3.60
  25. Jurassic Coast
    Jurassic Coast
    From £3.60
  26. Grey Gables
    Grey Gables
    From £3.60
  27. Wet Weekend
    Wet Weekend
    From £3.60
  28. Zombie
    From £3.60
  29. Porridge Oat
    Porridge Oat
    From £3.60
  30. White Coffee
    White Coffee
    From £3.60
  31. Willow Springs
    Willow Springs
    From £3.60
  32. Candle Shop
    Candle Shop
    From £3.60