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Ashford Paving Block 50mm Autumn 3 Size Mixed Pack 1m2

£25.13 £20.94

Product Information & Usage

Our Ashford paving is a three mixed-size pack, made up of sand, cement, stone and pigment. These paving slabs have textured wavy-top and rounded edges offering a unique finish. Their autumn colour will provide your paving project with a spectacular appearance. Therefore, they are excellent for driveways (light vehicular use), pathways, and other domestic paving applications.


  • Three mixed sizes blocks
  • Great load-bearing properties
  • Suitable for all domestic applications
  • Textured wavy-top and rounded edges.
  • Offer a pigmented, bright appearance
  • Excellent for gardens and pedestrian areas
  • High slip-resistance

Blocks Sizes

  • 225mm x 150mm x 50mm
  • 150mm x 150mm x 50mm
  • 112.5mm x 150mm x 50mm
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