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12mm STS Construction A1 Fire Board 2400mm x 1200mm x 12mm


Product Information & Usage

STS Construction board is a multi-purpose, high-strength fibre cement board. STS board is a versatile and durable construction material, it is used for internal and external applications, predominantly in projects where sound reduction, fire and moisture resistance are required.

This cost-effective concrete board is highly recommended by many leading render manufacturers. The render board is perfect for partition walls in moist or damp places, such as bathrooms. Because of its weather resistance, it can be left outside for a period of time without fear of damage, for permanent moisture exposure, a waterproof coating is recommended.


  • A1 fire-rated
  • Render ready
  • Water resistant- ideal in wet areas
  • Simple on-site dispose
  • Durable, it is made of compacted cement with fibres
  • Versatile, suitable for external and internal application
  • Easily fixed to timber or metal stud work and solid walls
  • Impact resistant, can withstand surface impact, making the finish longer lasting
  • Allows easy and faster application compared to laying blocks
Brand STS
Length 2400mm
Width 1200mm
Thickness 12mm
Board Type Multiple applications
Application Internal and external walls
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