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Clark Drain Galvanised Cover & Frame 5T 600mm x 600mm PC7BG

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Product Information & Usage

The Clark Drain galvanised cover & frame is a metal cover framed up with strong and durable polypropylene. It is usually applied as the final component of the sewer system on driveways and areas with vehicle traffic up to 5T. This cover & frame is fitted with integral lifting handles, offering ease of transportation and installation.


  • Made up of strong & durable plastic
  • Resists foot traffic and vehicle traffic up to 5T
  • Suitable for replacing an old cover but can be used for new projects as well
  • Cover can be turned to match direction of paving
  • Easy to handle and install
  • The top component that finishes the installation of the sewer system
  • Environmentally friendly
Length 600mm    
Width 600mm
Material PVCu & Galvanised Steel
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