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Round Manhole Cover & Frame 35kn 320mm

£25.46 £21.22

Product Information & Usage

Our manhole cover & frame is the circular top element, that is manufactured from lightweight but strong and impact resistant PVCu. It is extremely durable and is able to withstand up to 3.5 tones of loading weight. The manhole cover & frame is usually applied on pedestrian and landscape projects, and it fits onto a 320mm inspection chamber riser. Moreover, due to its round shape, it makes the installation and handling effortless.


  • Made up of strong & impact resistant PVCu
  • Resists extremely heavy traffic
  • Suitable for pedestrian areas and landscape projects
  • Designed to be fitted onto the riser
  • Excellent for replacing an old or damaged cover but is also suitable for new build properties
  • Environmentally friendly
  • The top component that finishes the installation of the sewer system
Colour Black     
Diameter 320mm
Material PVCu
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