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White Hydrated Lime 25kg

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Product Information

Our White Hydrated Lime is a non-hydraulic lime that is used widely in agricultural applications, as it regulates acidity in agricultural use. Moreover, it is used for soil stabilization and water & sewage treatment.

Use & Application

This type of lime is utilized in a wide range of applications, some of them are:

  • Used as a neutralizer for lawn and garden, dry bleaches, plaster and stucco
  • Used for petroleum refining, sodium alkali, wood pulp.
  • For sewage treatment, agricultural liming, water treatment


  • Improves workability and water retention in mortar
  • Provides better bond and reduces the risk of cracking
  • Suitable as an acidity regulator for land
  • Assists in soil stabilization, water & sewage treatment
  • Supplied in 25kg bag
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