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Weber.Pral M Monocouche Render 25kg Beige 009

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  • Easy to work with: ready-mixed and quick application
  • Long-lasting: over 10 years, color won't fade
  • Water-resistant and windproof
  • Provides insulation, increases thermal efficiency, reduces energy costs


Product Information & Usage

Weber.Pral Monocouche Render is one coat, ready mixed, cementitious, weather-resistant, external decorative, suitable for most types of brick or blockwork. The MGN weber render is sourced from the leading manufacturers and is produced from carefully selected highest quality raw materials that result in consistency of the final product. If you are applying the render to an uneven surface and would like to achieve optimal smooth surface, we recommend using Weber. Rend Aid as a base coat and for easy application we recommend using trowel or spray gun.

What Is Rendering?

Rendering is a process during which an exterior wall is covered with render, it could be cement render, acrylic render, monocouche or silicone render. The main purpose of rendering is to protect the facing bricks or any other materials from cracking and erosion.

What is monocouche render?

The monocouche render is the most popular type of rendering system it has the powdered texture and coloured pigment with a very wide colour range and distinctive chalky finish.

Benefits of using monocouche rendering:

Weber monocouche render is an ideal material for the exterior of the house thanks to the benefits it has to offer, such as:

  • Easy to work with - the colour variation, the ready-mixed system and easy application will get the job done in one go.
  • Long-lasting - this type of render will last at least for 10 years, the colour will not fade away leaving the colour originally chosen will remain appealing.
  • Water-resistant and windproof - the render barrier will act like a contender against adverse weather conditions.
  • Insulation - the renders will provide you with a cost-effective solution by increasing the thermal efficiency acting as insulation and as a result saving money on electricity bills.
Application Walls
Colour Beige
Weight  25kg
Pack Quantity 1
Brand Weber
Product Type Monocouche Render


More Information
EAN Barcode5018781500096
Manufacturer Part Number51140036

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