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Path Edging 915 x 150 x 50mm Flat Top

£7.87 £6.56

 ✅ Due to the current global shortage, the estimated delivery lead time might vary, please call the branch 01708985022 or email us on [email protected] to confirm before placing an order.

Product Information & Usage

The Path Edging Flat Top is made up of concrete, which offers improved durability and solidity. It is a cost-effective form of pathway management and the perfect path edge that is widely used with pavers. This concrete path edging can be utilised to prevent overgrowths encroaching on your path or just for aesthetical purposes. Therefore, it will provide a neat, durable solution that efficiently finishes outdoor spaces.


  • Made up of strong concrete
  • Versatile & long-lasting
  • Suitable for outdoor paving applications
  • Offers guaranteed quality & durability
  • Will not rot or decay
  • Improved load-bearing characteristics
  • Available in round top & flat top depending on your preferences
  • Prevents overgrowths from encroaching on your path
Length 915mm
Width 50mm
Height 150mm
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