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Foam Pipe Insulation 15mm x 9mm x 1m AMF9/15(1M)


Product Information & Usage

The foam pipe insulation also referred to as foam tubes is a 1-meter-long tube, manufactured from closed cell polyethylene foam. It has been designed to help reduce heat loss from hot water pipes and protect them from freezing by lagging with foam pipe insulation. 

Use & Application

This pipe insulation is widely used in the following applications:

  • Used on hot water pipes to prevent heat loss
  • Used on cold water pipes to protect the pipes from freezing
  • Used as a tool for eliminating humidity


  • Made up of high-performance closed cell polyethylene foam
  • Easy to install, no special tools required
  • Will prevent your pipes from freezing during cold seasons
  • Minimises heat loss
  • Cost-effective
  • Can be used on both cold and hot water pipes
  • The hot water inside the pipe will remain hot for a longer period
  • Rot-proof & corrosion resistant
  • Improved thermal conductivity
  • Measures 1m in length
Length 1m
Diameter 15mm
Thickness 9mm
TypePipe Insulation
Manufacturer Part NumberAMF9/15(1M)
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