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End Feed Half Crossover 22mm



  • Used to connect two 22mm copper pipes in a crossover configuration
  • Frequently used in plumbing installations for creating crossover connections
  • Suitable for various plumbing configurations and applications requiring a crossover
  • Provides a reliable and leak-resistant connection for two 22mm pipes in a crossover
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Product Information

The End Feed Half Crossover 22mm is ingeniously designed to allow two parallel copper pipes to cross each other without physical interference. This fitting is particularly useful in complex plumbing setups where space conservation and efficient pipe management are crucial.

Use & Application

  • Ideal for managing space effectively in plumbing systems by allowing pipes to cross without the need for additional fittings.
  • Suitable for 22mm copper pipes used in residential, commercial, or industrial installations.


  • Efficiently organizes pipe layouts in confined spaces.
  • Easy to install with a straightforward end feed method.
  • Crafted from durable materials, ensuring long-lasting use.
  • Maintains optimal flow and pressure by avoiding physical pipe contact.
BrandMark Vitow
Manufacturer Part NumberEFPC22
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