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Access Panel Plastic 150mm x 230mm

£17.78 £14.82


Product Information & Usage

Our access panel is a small door, manufactured from recycled plastic, which makes it 100% environmentally friendly. It is usually applied on plasterboards or wooden backgrounds, offering easy access to concealed plumbing or electrical services, such as switches, valves, stopcocks, or fuse boxes.Moreover, this access panel is extremely lightweight, simple to fitand easy to use.


  • Made up of recycled plastic
  • Designed to fit straight into a pre-cut hole
  • Provides easy access to hidden plumbing, switches, valves, or any other systems
  • Cost-effective & lightweight
  • Intended for commercial and domestic use
  • Picture frame finish
  • An excellent aesthetic appearance
  • Easy openable
  • Waterproof
Colour White
Material Plastic
Width 150mm
Length 230mm

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