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15mm Sound Plasterboard Tapered Edge 2400mm x 1200mm (8' x 4')



  • Excellent sound insulation properties
  • High-quality gypsum material
  • Enhanced fire resistance
  • Creates a quieter and more comfortable environment
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Product Information

15mm Sound Plasterboard is designed to provide superior acoustic performance than standard plasterboard. They have the capacity to absorb and block sound energy and to reduce sounds traveling between floors or rooms. Furthermore, this would be the best acquisition if having noisy neighbours.

Use & Application

Our Sound Plasterboard can be applied wherever is required an acoustic barrier and it can ensure you having a more peaceful atmosphere in your room or house.

Here are some examples of sound plasterboard applications:

  • Partitions and interior walls of bedrooms
  • Libraries
  • Floor
  • Hallways


  • Easily cut to size and installed
  • Sound resistance
  • For enhanced acoustic insulation in areas such as partitions or separating walls
  • Heavier than the standard plasterboard
  • Increases productivity by ensuring a quiet and pleasant living and working environment
  • Energy efficiency provided. Apart from blocking noise from entering your home, soundproof plasterboard prevents heat loss.
Colour Blue
Length 2400mm
Width 1200mm
Thickness 15mm
Plasterboard Type Sound Resistant
Edge Tapered
Application Internal Walls
Thickness 15mm
Coverage 2.88m²
Fire RatingEuroclass A2
Edging Tapered Edge
ApplicationCelling, Floor, Walls
Manufacturer Part Number001994-292646
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