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WonderBuilds 3KG T Film Underlay 16m2 Torch On


Product Information & Usage

Our WonderBuilds on Underlay is an SBS polymer-modified bitumen torch that is a type of applied felt, it consists of a glass-fiber mat carrier. It is commonly applied for new roofs or repairing existing ones, on flat or sloping roofs. The felt is applied as an underlay of a build-up roofing system under the Torch on Cap sheet. Moreover, this felt provides good high-temperature performance and is resistant to damage.


  • Safe & cost-effective
  • No need for any additional equipment and skills
  • Easy & fast installation
  • Suitable for new roofs or repairing the existing roofs
  • Strong glass-fiber reinforced base
  • Ideal low-temperature flexibility
Brand WonderBuilds
Weight 3 kg
Length 16m

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