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Suspended Concrete T-Beam 175mm x 106mm x 4800mm


Product Information & Usage

Suspended Concrete T-Beam is a type of load-bearing, reinforced concrete structure. The top of the T-shaped cross-section works as a flange or compression element in resisting compressive stresses.

Concrete T-beams together with concrete blocks form a cost-effective flooring solution, that is easy to instal and after completion instantly forms a strong working platform that is rot and draught-proof. For open-plan designs with broad span specifications, a regular or wide beam solution is well suited – an ideal substitute for concrete slabs and wood floors.


  • It is fast and simple to set up in any season.
  • It does not require specialist skills to install it.
  • The ‘Beam and Block’ system is used in 70% of all modern ground floor constructions.
  • Provides a strong, safe, and level working surface.
  • The T-beam concrete helps to reduce noise transmission through floors.
  • It has a high thermal insulation and fire-resistance rating.
  • It is rot and draught-proof.
Length 4800mm
Width 175mm
Thickness 106mm
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