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PSE Fire Check Door Stop 32mm x 38mm 4.2

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Product Information & Usage

The PSE (planed square edge) Fire Check Door Stop is a type of contemporary moulding, that is predominantly used for framing and finishing door surrounds, it enables a door to come to a close whilst adding some decorative features.

It is designed only for internal doors and it is a perfect way to get a refreshing view and decorative style of your doors throughout the house.


  • You can stain, paint, or varnish the moulding, this way it will enhance the appearance of your home decor
  • To finish off the moulding, lightly sand it before applying varnish, lacquer or wood stain
  • It is easy to install, once you cut it, just use either small panel pins or an electrical staple tool. As well, you can use adhesive to fix it
  • Door drips go well with doors of a similar or exact timber and finish for a consistent look
  • High-quality moulding, as it is produced following exact measurements and strict standards
Width 38mm
Thickness 32mm
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