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Perforated Engineering Brick Blue 65mm Class B Pack of 400


Product Information

This Blue Brick from Wienerberger is a perforated engineering brick that combines high strength, low water absorption of 7% and durability. It is dark blue in colour with some shades of grey and has a smooth texture.

Use & Application

Using Engineering Bricks in facing work would not hold any value, as engineering bricks are not chosen for their appearance. Their physical characteristics give them credence over other bricks when being used in buildings where strength, durability and resistance is of prime consideration.

Here are some examples where engineering bricks are used:

  • Sewage systems
  • Retaining walls
  • Civil engineering
  • Damp proof courses
  • Groundworks
  • Manholes


  • Low water absorption
  • Smooth texture
  • They are strong and thus used in applications that require higher strength compression
  • They are durable – made from strong materials that stand the test of time. The bricks do not rot, corrode, rust, or burn and do not need any paint for finishing
Manufacturer Wienerberger           
Length 215mm
Width 102mm
Height 65mm
Brick Type Engineering
Water Absorption 7%
Colour Blue
Configuration Perforated
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