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Multi Wall Polycarbonate Rafter System Bar 3m

£38.64 £32.20

Product Information & Usage

The multi wall rafter system bar has been manufactured from strong PVCu and extruded aluminium at its base, making the bar extremely durable and long-lasting, requiring low or no maintenance. It is used with 10mm, 16mm and 25mm sheets and is able to efficiently connect two polycarbonate/corrugated sheets on lean-tos, shelters, or timber conservatories.


  • Made up of PVCu and aluminium at the base
  • Low or no maintenance required
  • Compatible with 10mm, 16mm and 25mm roofing sheets
  • Provides a secure weather tight glazing option
  • Lightweight & cost-effective
  • Easy to cut to size
  • UV stable
  • Easy to install, no special tools required
  • It is not only reliable & strong, but will offer a great appearance to your roof
  • Measures 3m in length
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