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Hand Held Expanding Foam 750ml BDFIX750

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Product Information & Usage

The hand held expanding foam is a one-component, B2 rated polyurethane foam filler, that is based on a vapour curing polyurethane prepolymer. This expanding foam offers improved sound insulation and has strong adhesive characteristics. It is widely used for the installation of doors and windows, insulation and fixing of pipework, filling gaps and holes, installing wall panels and roof tiles.


  • A fast-setting, multi-purpose hand held expanding foam
  • B2 fire rated foam
  • Advanced insulation and sound properties
  • Possesses strong adhesive characteristics
  • Offers quick curing
  • 50-70% expanding volume
  • Can fix any kind of small break-throughs in walls or other cavities
  • Supplied in aerosol and gun grade version
  • Available in 750ml cans
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