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Concrete Segmental Ridge Tile 457mm x 248mm x 88mm Grey


:white_check_mark: Due to the current national shortage, the estimated delivery lead time might vary, please call the branch 01708985022 or email us at  to confirm stock availability before placing an order.
Please note, that our concrete roofing materials are currently supplied by the Sandtoft and Marley manufacturers, again please call to find out which one is available.

Product Information & Usage

Our concrete segmental ridge tile is made of a combination of sand, cement and water. It is commonly chosen for its amazing durability & weather-resistance. The segmental ridge tile can be applied to the peak of your roofline and can be used on hips as well. Moreover, it has a pleasant and smooth appearance.


  • Durable & reliable
  • Provides an aesthetic & pleasant look
  • Suitable for a wide range of roof types
  • Made up of strong concrete
Length 457mm
Width 250mm
Height 85mm
Colour Dark grey
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