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Clay Square Hole Air Brick 9" x 3" Terracotta



  • Made from clay, providing durability and natural aesthetics
  • Vent brick
  • High weather conditions, ensure long-term performance
  • Suitable for both residential and commercial buildings 
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Product Information & Usage

The square hole air brick, also known as vent brick, is manufactured from strong and long-lasting clay. It has been designed for use internally and externally and provides natural air ventilation in roof and floor cavities. It allows the air to move freely and to ventilate any building. Moreover, this airbrick has a free air space of 1300mm2 and is ideal for new or refurbishment builds.


  • Manufactured from long-lasting & strong clay
  • Provides natural air ventilation in roof and floor cavities
  • Has free air spaces of 1300mm2
  • Suitable for new or renovation projects
  • Lightweight & easy to install
  • Resistant to frost
  • Resistant to colour fading
  • Allows air movement to reduce building-up condensation
  • Supplied in buff and terracotta colours
Width 215mm
Height 65mm
Depth 50mm
Colour Terracotta
Material Clay
Manufacturer Part NumberRED/AIR/3
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