100mm Standard Aerated 3.6N Block 440 x 215mm


Aerated Blocks

Aerated Blocks are a cost-effective solution for a multiple solution applications. Airbrocks we provide come in two, White colour and Grey colour blocks. They are specifically formulated in a way where air is being trapped in the block and compressed hardly together to formulate a high strength. This Products is very light, It has a very high rate of resistance to water, easy to handle, and also  it gives high thermal insulation to keep your walls or foundations warmer.

Key Features

  • Easy to handle

  • Very easy to work with

  • Easily removing part

  • Has very high compression strength

  • Gives a thermal insulation

  • Tenacious moisture resistance


  • Used for external walls

  • Used for Foundations

  • Used for Partitions

  • Used for Wall separation

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